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Personality Paper

            As you sit down to watch your favorite television show at night do you notice that each actor or actress has a different personality? I watch many different shows and it seems to me that each person has their own personality. Personality is a unique set of stable, ordering characteristics and patterns of behavior that influence the way a person adjusts to the environment (Moist, 2003). I feel that each person in the world each has his or her own unique personality with different characteristics. Some of the characteristics that vary from person to person are things such as motives, thoughts and emotions (Moist, 2003). Another thing that varies from person to person is his or her behavioral patterns. Some traits of different behavioral patterns are readiness to think, perceive, or act in a particular way across a variety of different situations (Moist, 2003). These are the aspects that make up the personalities of each person throughout the world.
             Throughout this paper I am going to be discussing three theoretical perspectives on personality, which are Freud's Structural theory, Kagan's biological theory, and Humanistic theories. Freud's structural theory consists of the id, ego, and the superego. The id seeks pleasure immediate impulse gratification and tension reduction and provides energy for uncontrollable biological drives; this is an unconscious process. The id also deals with the libido, which is the motive for survival and destruction (Freud, Early 1900's). The ego seeks reality and its role is to express and gratify desires of id in accordance with the reality requirements, this can be either a conscious or unconscious process. The ego includes rational planning and reasoning to delay gratification and is socially acceptable (Freud, Early 1900's). The superego seeks morality as instilled in us by parents; role is to internalize society's idea of right and wrong expression of id.

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