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            Photosynthesis is the process by which the energy of sunlight is absorbed and used to power the formation of organic compounds from carbon dioxide and water. Although primarily associated with green plants, photosynthesis also occurs in algae and a variety of bacteria. This process ultimately supplies the energy required by all living organisms for their continued survival. Photosynthesis takes place in many of the cells of the leaves. Inside these cells are tiny lens-shaped structures called chloroplasts? Photosynthesis takes place in these chloroplasts. Each chloroplast consists of green granas within a colorless stroma. It is inside the grana that the sun's light energy is captured by chlorophyll. Some of the sun's light energy is used to break down the water into hydrogen and oxygen. The remaining energy is passed into the stroma. This remaining energy is used to combine hydrogen with carbon dioxide to make carbohydrates.
             When glucose is combined with nitrogen it forms amino acids, proteins or nucleic acid. Nitrogen is found dissolved in the water absorbed by the roots. Nitrogen is found dissolved in the water absorbed by the roots. Glucose can also be converted to cellulose, which is used to build plant tissues. When converted to starch the glucose is stored in the leaves, stems and roots for later use.
             Some key contributors to the discovery of photosynthesis are:.
             Aristotle = believed plants obtained all the components required for growth from the soil.
             Johannes Baptista = He concluded that it was water, and not substances in the soil, that provided plants with their growth material.
             Stephan Hales = discovered that light and air might be significant factors in the growth of plants. .
             Joseph Priestly = discovered that plants use a component of the atmosphere in their life processes.
             Jan Ingen-Housz and Jean Senebier = observed that plants could restore the "fixed air" only in the presence of light; the plants made the air noxious if kept in darkness.

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