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            The social and emotional development is so important through the Kindergarten thru 6th grade. Either we can help children grow emotional and social or we can stop them from the proper growth. It is our decision on how we want to influence them.
             Erickson's Initiative Versus Guilt theory describes children from 4 to 6 years old and their requirements. Children need to be allowed to experiment and explore and additionally, they need to receive the proper attention to their questions. Erickson says that if these things are not meet that children may not want to do things on their own and they may feel guilty about do there own thing. They also need chances for free play.
             Erickson explains the theory Industry Versus Inferiority and believes that children may feel they cannot excel if they are not encouraged or allowed to construct things. Six to eleven year olds like to build and produce things and if they are encouraged to do this, they will take pride in their own work. Make sure that there is enough time to complete projects in you classroom. Praise is also very imperative to children of this stage. .
             Identity versus Role confusion is a very interesting Erickson theory, it says that children from the age 12-18 need to develop the roles ands skill that allow them to become a meaningful part of society. Role confusion can make children have issues with the types of appropriate behavior they need to have in specific situations.
             The social development in Kindergarteners is very fun to observe. Most children around the kindergarten age have one or two best friends that may change quickly. Friends tend to be of the same gender. Typical things children of this age do are sharing an item with that friend, and join in rough and tumble play. Playgroups are usually small and not too structured. Children normally tend to bounce from one activity to another. Play patterns fluctuate between social class, and gender.

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