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Emerson Quote Paper

            "There is a time in every man's education when he arrives at the conviction that envy is ignorance; imitation is suicide.".
             Ralph Waldo Emerson once spoke these exact words, and their meaning still applies to today's life. Our society is a demanding one. Our nation claims to have a rich, diverse population. Each person has the freedom to be themselves; to be unique. But the media shows us something much different. They want us to believe that being unique is wrong. Every person should wear Gap clothes and drive a Mercedes Benz. To be truly happy, children, teenagers, and adults should follow Emerson's example, and just be themselves.
             Children are easily influenced by the world around them. Each child's goal is to be accepted by their peers. This can be very hard for some. Children can be very cruel to people who are different from them. They have no problem spotting out differences in each other, and than exploiting them to the other children. If a child doesn't have the new Blues Clues lunch box, or the cool Spiderman book bag, than the can be teased by the other children. If a child has a different hair cut, or "strange" clothes, than the other kids might not want to talk to them. This can be very tough on them. But it is even tougher trying to struggle to keep up with the fads. Children who constantly worry about what others think of them aren't really happy. They"re to busy trying to please others that they don't realize that the person they should be pleasing is themselves.
             Teenagers are even more easily influenced by the media. The media confuses teenagers into thinking that they have to look and act a certain way. Many girls feel that in order to be beautiful, they must starve themselves down to a size zero. They don't realize that instead of making themselves more attractive, they are actually harming themselves. Many teenagers seem to think that to be different is wrong. They spend all of their youth trying to mold themselves into a certain image.

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