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Prisoner On Prisoner Crimes

             It makes absolutely wonderful television. We watch television shows like "Oz" and believe that this is just one mans imagination at work. Or, maybe we are not that naive, maybe we do see the problem and just believe that this is what the monsters deserve. No matter which you believe there exists in the world today an alarming situation. At an incredible rate, men are being beaten and sexually abused by other men. In fact, men are being forced to perform both oral and anal sexual acts by other men or groups of men around the country on a day-to-day basis. To make it even worse, it has even been reported that these acts have been going on under the noses of, and even sometimes the watchful eyes of, members of law enforcement. Of course, this should come as no surprise. Major news outlets, legal experts, and even the Supreme Court have taken notice of this situation. Yet, even with all of this attention, the situation persists. The reason: because the men who are the victims are also convicted criminals. And, despite a stance by our government and our judicial system to the contrary, no one even seems to care. In this paper, we will first examine the reality that is the growing epidemic of prison violence and why it has become an inescapable reality for prisoners throughout the United States. Then, we will examine what I (as well as others) believe are some straightforward prodigious ways that this problem can be alleviated and hopefully eliminated. .
             There are several different types of prison violence that persist within the United States criminal justice system. Among the most common of these violent occurrences are the constant beatings and rapes that have become common place. According to most sources, the vast majority of the victims in these assaults are men. Of course, this is most probably the case because around ninety percent of the current U.S. prison population is male.

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