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Process Of Filling A Prescription

             First, the pharmacy technician gets the prescription from the patient and types the information from it into the computer. When all of the information is put into the computer correctly, a prescription label prints out. The label has the patient's name, personal information, date, drug name, strength, directions, and quantity that is to be dispensed. The location of the drug, which lets the technician know where the drug is in the pharmacy, is also on the label. The pharmacy technician then pulls the drug from the location specified on the label and brings it to the filling station. If the drug is in pill form, then they would pour the contents of the original drug onto the counting tray. Using a spatula the technician then counts out the correct number of pills and returns the remaining pills back to the original bottle. After this, they then choose a vile that will accommodate the full quantity of the patient's prescription. The label is then placed on the outside of the bottle and given to the pharmacist along with the original prescription. If the prescription is for a liquid medication, the technician would follow primarily the same procedure, for filling it. Instead of pouring the drug onto the counting tray you would pour the liquid straight into the correct sized bottle. The bottle is marked with milliliter markings, in order to ensure that the liquid is poured to the correct quantity. After the pharmacist verifies the prescription it is then dispensed to the patient.

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