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Beowulf vs. The 13th Warrior

             The Anglo-Saxon's wrote an epic poem more than 1200 years ago then around 1997, a movie, The 13th Warrior was produced based on Michael's Crichton's best-selling novel Eaters of the Dead. Both the story and the movie, tell the life of a people who fight evil beings to protect their land and property. In both renditions many battles took place. The 13th Warrior and Beowulf, despite their many similiarlities, the battles had differences in location, weapons, and the people who were involved.
             The biggest similiarlities between the two versions involved the location of the battles. In both the movie and the epic, the first battle takes place in the same spot. Both groups of people went to help Hrothgar's people and fought at Mead Hall. Also in the second battle of Beowulf and the third battle of The 13th Warrior, the battle took place underground in caves where they had to fight an evil woman.
             Even though their locations seem similar they are different. The biggest discripancy is the amount of battles. Beowulf contained three battles, while The 13th Warrior contained four battles. First, Beowulf defeats Grendel, the "terrifying swampland creature", who is killing Hrothgar's people at Mead Hall. Then he goes underground into a cave to fight Grendel's mother and finally fifty years later, in Beowulf's hometown, he fights the dragon that destroys him. In The 13th Warrior the location of the battles follows a somewhat different pattern of locations. As in Beowulf the first and third battle are the same but the second and fourth battle differs. The second battle involes the creatures with torches that the characters refered to as a dragon. Beowulf did not even have a fourth battle. The movie shows a fourth battle as being back in Herot where the first battle took place.
             In both the movie and the book, the people who were involved also shared many common ideas and differences. For instance, Hrothgar is a name mentioned in both.

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