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Quake III

            Unreal Tournament and Quake III: Arena.
             When most gamers think of great multi-player games, Unreal Tournament and Quake III: Arena are on the top of the list. Although I am a fan of id Software's Quake I and Quake II, I was very disappointed with Quake III. There was none of the things in Quake III: Arena that I had come to love with the other Quakes. That is why I would like to tell the gaming community that although Quake III is an okay game for a small period of time, Unreal Tournament will continue to be fun for longer than two hours. .
             Before I begin though, I feel a little background information would be appropriate. My deep obsession with Quake started with Quake I, released by id Software in March of 1998. After playing the game through many times, I was overwhelmed to hear that Quake II would be out soon. Released in November of 1997, Quake II far surpasses the original Quake in every aspect. The graphics, sounds, and game play "everything was excellent. Then in December of 1999, Quake III was released. .
             Epic Games, creator if Unreal Tournament was completely new to me. I had heard of their games, but never really looked into any of them. Their original game, Unreal, was released May of 1998, shortly after Quake I. Unreal Tournament was released shortly before Quake III: Arena, in November of 1999. Holding off, I didn't purchase this game until much later. Quake III was getting very boring and when I discovered this game, I thought I was in heaven. Why might you ask? Well, that is what I'm going to tell you. .
             One of the major reasons why I favor Unreal Tournament over Quake III is because of the single player mode for Unreal Tournament. For many new people starting to play games like Quake III or Unreal Tournament, jumping online into a game wouldn't be the best option. And playing against bots can get quite boring and not teach you all the techniques of the game. Unreal Tournament's single player mode is not only fun, but it doubles as a tutorial also.

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