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Hawthorne's Portrayal Of Puritanical Hypocricy

            Hawthorne's Portrayal of Puritanical Hypocrisy.
             Throughout time, there have been many great American novelists and short story writers. To some, Nathaniel Hawthorne has earned both of these titles. From writing several successful novels, and many short stories, Hawthorne has introduced the way of life in Puritanical America to many readers. Along with his views on this culture, Hawthorne uses irony, tales of witchcraft, and the concepts of guilt, confession, and hypocrisy to show his feelings on the Puritanical society and the way they treat other people. He does this by using primary characters in the novels The Scarlet Letter, The House of the Seven Gables, and many short stories who have a problem, like an inner secret, or who have some kind of guilt, and shows how society looks upon these people. It regards them with scorn and ridicule and looks down upon them, which is contrary to their strict beliefs on how they should live and act towards others. Hawthorne expresses the opinion, by using the aforementioned concepts, that he is critical of the way that the Puritan humanity regard their less fortunate members of society.
             For over 100 years, the New England Puritan beliefs dominated most of America's first settlers. The Puritans voyaged to America in search of religious freedom that they were not being granted in their former homes in Europe. They followed the teachings of God in the Bible very strictly. They were very strict about sins, like lying and adultery, and believed in forgiveness and fair treatment of others. They were also very strict in their obedience to laws, which will later be addressed in reference to society's treatment of the young woman in the novel, The Scarlet Letter. The Puritans were very influential, and their beliefs even continued after the era was over.
             Because of Hawthorne's emphasis on the Puritans, and the time period in which he lived in, many of his themes are conveyed by some element of the setting.

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