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Massage Therapy

            Massage Therapy is a new growing trend, but does it work effectively? This is the basis of this Journal article. In this article, many researchers believe that this is a true theory and practice. In addition, in this paper the new research found is being studied to see if massage should actually be used in Therapeutic Recreation. The major areas that massage will help reduce anxiety and pain, which is associated with stress and tension. Included in this journal are also many research findings that support these statements of massage being a use full tool in recreation therapy. .
             The research was all about studies formed to different types of people who have different kinds of disorders. Some research had said that massage reduces anxiety for people with cerebral palsy, respiratory disorder, autism, HIV, and hypertension. In sports massage, therapy can also be used to help heal an injured area. For example, swelling in an area can be pushed away from the injured part to make recovery time faster. Another topic research was pain and the effects of massage therapy in reducing neck and lower-back discomfort. In addition, pain involved with sickle cell disease and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. .
             The finding that was established in this article was all very positive in-favor of massage therapy being used in Recreation facilitation. The tests that were often used were a six, 30 minute massage treatment session to see if mobility would increase movement in exercise. In addition, the testing was performed in many different types of people. People with certain disorders and people with either pain or anxiety due to the disorder. In addition, a study of older adults was made to see if therapeutic touch compared to normal touch would lower anxiety. These findings showed that therapeutic touch was a good facilitator for a person's well being. In cerebral palsy, massage was used to decrease muscle tension, and the anxiety that came with the disorder.

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