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Exploitation Of Gratification

            The Exploitation by Advertisers of the American Tendency to Crave Instant Gratification.
             Americans currently subsist within a sphere of reality that has a vast space and significant usage for advertising in regards to perpetual success of commercialism. This sphere envelops both the producer and the consumer who, in turn, feed off one another symbiotically. Commercials and advertising have always been a way for companies to reveal their products and services to the consuming public. This is achieved predominantly through television, but has increasingly been presented using numerous vehicles throughout culture to expose what is available. These mediums help to offer many things that are practical, but a great many are merely ploys to make money. The products that are not necessarily advantageous or even completely unnecessary are nonetheless sold due to how modern Americans love to spend money to achieve satisfaction. Commercials and advertisements, which are created to entice modern Americans, are based off the constructed phenomenon of the need for instant gratification.
             There is evidence that suggests that advertisers generate commercials that are concurrently quick, delivering, and at times elaborate in order to exploit the consumers" need for indulgence and satisfaction. The notion of communicating relevant information in the shortest amount of time possible is extremely valuable considering the restricted length of time the customer has to give notice. What makes an advertisement the most effective is clever management of this limited time and attention. The author Michael Schrage in explaining the importance of efficiency for busy individuals states that, "they"re looking for the immediacy of instant value, not comprehensive exposure to features and functions they may not need. "( ) This value he describes refers to the content that is meaningful and applicable to demanding daily life.

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