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Racism In A Worn Path

             In Welty's "A Worn Path-, Phoenix Jackson's encounters with other characters as well as her thoughts and perceptions demonstrate a theme of impending black equality in the south after the civil war. Throughout the story there are many references to race and racism. Her thoughts and comments on the way to town, the hunter she happens upon, and her visit to the medical building all demonstrate that racism is an integral part of this story, and indeed a part of her time. The world that Phoenix lives in is a much different world than the one of today where equality is important. In her time, race was a very deciding factor on social hierarchy, and this is clearly indicated in, "A Worn Path."".
             On her way to town, Phoenix says while climbing up the tiresome hill that runs through the path, "Seem like there is chains about my feet, time I get this far."" This is clearly an indication of a reference to bound slaves that old Phoenix can remember from her younger years. She also notes, "Something always take a hold of me on this hill "pleads I should stay."" This statement seems to be referring to the blacks struggle to attain equality in a very unequal world during this period of unrest following the years of the civil war and the release of the slaves. Later as Phoenix continues, she sits to rest. While sitting, she witnesses a little boy who brings her a slice of marble cake. Clearly this .
             illusion is brought on by very old age, but it also appears to be a reference by Welty depicting integration in the south, as represented by the black and white cake(SYKES P151).
             As she travels further on her journey, a black dog knocks her into a ditch. This in itself can be considered to have some bearing on the racist theme set so powerfully by Welty, as the dog happens to be black.

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