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Ramsey Campbell Analyzed

            John (Ramsey) Campbell, a twentieth century British writer, has been said to be creating "his own patented brand of short horror tale[s],"" ("Horror Fiction,"" 86). From the 1970's to present day, the comparisons to H.P. Lovecraft and the examinations of his short stories have been numerous. These findings give evidence to Campbell's concern with the psychological horror. Ever since he picked up his first issue of "Weird Tales- he has been enthralled with these terrors. In his short story, "The Sneering-, it can be analyzed in regard to symbolism, tone and characterization.
             Campbell's most memorable childhood memories were those of being petrified. He had begun to read adult horror fiction at age eight to crave his hunger for terror. He soon began writing at eleven years of age. He knew that "most writers start by imitating their favorites- (PSFG, 1), so he pursued in imitating his favorite author, H.P. Lovecraft. Further more his own home life affected his work. His mother went mad, and the fear of his father was tremendous. Even Campbell himself declared that "while the supernatural elements in these tales weren't autobiographical, the feelings were,"" (PSFG, 2). John Ramsey Campbell, born in 1946, originates from a town called Liverpool. He publicated his first novel Demons by Daylight in 1973, and released his debut work of fiction in 1976, entitled The Doll Who Ate His Mother. While writing his early novels he had been working at the tax office and library as well. After he published his second collection he decided to write full time. He received his first literary award, the World Fantasy Award, for "The Chimney- in 1978. He later received this award again in 1980. Another award he earned was the British Fantasy Award, which he grasped in 1978 for "The Bag."" This award was also received in 1980, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1994. In 1992 he commemorated thirty years of writing his spine-tingling tales with a collection of his best short fiction.

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