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Secular Vs Formal Religions

             Members of Formal religion are seeking the same aspects as people involved in a Secular religion .
             The word religion is derived from the Latin noun religio, which meant reverence for the gods. In modern terms, religion covers a much greater spectrum of meanings. At one end people base their lives on the elements of their faith as rules to be followed with clear and fixed boundaries. At the other end people may use their religion as a guide of how they should aim to live, describing religion as a part of human experience that may integrate other aspects of life and society and in this case is religion is seen as much more flexible. .
             Religion in this sense includes a group of complex activities that cannot be reduced to any single aspect, but several aspects of human experience, which concerns the beliefs of the religion, it's practices and the way it affects the individual and society, what aspect we place first depends on whether we see religion as primarily as what people believe or as what they do.
             Religion is a part of individual life but also of group dynamics, and includes patterns of behavior, language and thought. It can be a highly organised society that sets itself apart, with its own unique culture expressed in visual symbols, dance and performance, philosophical standards, legendary and imaginative stories, formal ceremonies, meditative techniques, and detailed rules of ethical behavior and law. .
             The expanding boundaries of the term religion can be seen as in today's society as people may regard sport, individuality, career or fashion as religion. Society has come to recognise these as secular religions as opposed to formal religion. .
             As you can see the term religion has many variables the main deciding factor can be seen as involving an individuals perception of whether religion to them is determined by a formalised commitment to an established set of beliefs that are fixed (faith) or a commitment to a dynamic and more flexible, individually based way of life (actions).

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