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Misunderstood, Misjudged, Mistreated

            Misjudged, Misunderstood, & Misrepresented?.
             On September 11th, 2001 the lives of many changed around the world. A group of men attacked the United States in a way that we had never been attacked in. Many Americans took that action personally even though they knew absolutely no one that lost their lives that fateful morning. Flying two planes across the World Trade Center in one of the most popular cities not only in the country, but also in the world, and killing thousands of innocent people. What crossed through most of our minds was who could do such a hateful act? Who could possibly have enough hate and guts to come into our soil, and cause such havoc? Who? We all wanted answers, and when we finally got them, even more lives were changed. The lives of these people were changed in a way that we can only hope never happens to us. After the world learned that it was men from the Taliban group that were responsible for the attacks, many turned their sorrows into hate. Hate towards every Middle-Eastern person, hate towards every Muslim, hate towards every person that looked like they may resemble or fit into the category of being a Muslim. Suddenly those of a certain culture and religion were all meshed into one word to describe them,"terrorist". Although many of these people were hurting just about as much as any other American, now they also had to protect their lives in what seems to be a very unfair way. Many Muslim women's lives were changed while they were in school, at work, in their place of worship, or simply trying to plan a vacation was based on ways to avoid trouble because of the discrimination. .
             Even before the attacks of September 11th the Muslim religion has been misunderstood in this country. The treatment of women by the males has always been questioned here, and often people have judged Muslims from the Middle East because of the wars the United States has been involved with against them.

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