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Recycle Waste

            Areas upon areas of our precious land is at risk everyday of becoming consumed .
             with byproduct of our quest to build. From the late 1930's to our present time man has .
             ultimately flourished our land with mass construction of marvelous structures that safely .
             encompass our lives. As buildings spring into our horizon of our focus, its waste lay in .
             the dark hillside of some once unoccupied land in the outskirts of our regions and minds. .
             Overtime, many efforts have been made to recycle these wastes via finding an .
             alternative use such as wood chips. Wood chips can be used for engineered wood .
             products that proportion to size, are more durable and stronger, though timber must still .
             be processed to create chips. Conversely, advances in technology are helping to shift our .
             focus from simply finding an alternative use for construction waste to creating a useable .
             building product from it. Thus, it is better to find a product that can be manufactured once .
             and reused several times. Materials such as steel have a long history of being .
             successfully extracted from the site and recycled back into a usable product. Other .
             building components though have not had this option until a short time ago.
             Gypsum board, used mainly for interior sheeting, for many years was recycled for .
             use as a soil amendment. This lay mainly to its paper backing which was problematical in .
             removing. In spite of this, hard work continued in the quest to recycle this product into a .
             material fit for reuse until it was resolved. In 1999, this method of recycling was .
             accomplished allowing gypsum board to be recycled into new gypsum, ready for .
             construction once again. One of the benefits of recycling gypsum board is produced .
             savings in energy used in the mining process. .
             In retrospect to finding an alternative use, finding new uses for materials found in .
             buildings can be just as effective. For instance, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) , a major .

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