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Claus von Bulow

             Martha "Sunny- Crawford seemed to have it all. She even at one time had the title as Princess when she was married to Prince Alfie. She had two children, one by Prince Alfie and one by Claus von Bulow. .
             Sunny was very depressed. It was thought that maybe she tried to commit suicide "or it could have been murder "by her husband "Claus. "On December 21, 1980, Sunny von Bulow slipped into an irreversible coma. The rest is a mystery."" .
             Claus Cecil Borgerg was raised by his grandfather and his divorced mother. Claus was educated in a Swiss school in St. Moritz. Claus had a very rich taste. At an early age, he knew how to charm his upper class contacts.
             In 1940, Claus was sent out of the country to England in the belly of a British Mosquito Bomber. Claus went to Trinity College in Cambridge and graduated in 1946. In the 1950's, Claus was practicing law after graduation. While in law, he made many contacts with the wealthy.
             Claus and Sunny were married for 13 years in 1979. Each professed publicly that they wanted a divorce. Even though they appeared publicly together, they did not show any love between each other. .
             Claus had lived in Sunny's 5th Avenue apartment and was openly having an affair with Alexandria Isles. Claus had been set up with a $120,000 per year allowance by Sunny. This made Claus feel like a "kept- man. He wanted his own life, but Sunny wanted him by her side. .
             His mistress, Alexandria Isles, had come from a very wealthy family. She had very expensive tastes. Claus' $10,000 a week allowance wasn't enough money to keep her in the lap of luxury she was accustomed too. .
             In 1979, one day following Christmas, the life of the von Bulow family had changed forever. Sunny and Alexander, her son, had been in the family library and had drunk a couple of eggnogs as were their custom. Sunny became weak and disoriented. Alexander thought that his mother had drunk too much.

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