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Research Paper On Gas Alternatives

            Because of escalating gas prices and hazardous by-products of current automobiles, carmakers are now directing their research into developing fuel-efficient, low-emission cars. Most of us in America drive cars, so this topic affects us all at the economic level of our consumption. With gas prices increasing every year our pocket books are being hit. Carmakers are seeing this new target market and are trying to direct some of their attention to satisfying what gas conservative consumer wants. In the future all people will need to consider fuel-efficiency, not just the gas conservative people of today. The causes of the increasing gas prices are lower supply in the world because it is a non-renewable resource, and also from the escalating tension in the Middle East where most of our gas comes from. With these higher prices people don't want to shell out fifty dollars to fill up an SUV for a week. Something has to be done to fill the void of the demand of the consumer.
             "In September 1993 U.S. president Bill Clinton established the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles (PNGV) between the U.S. government and the U.S. auto industry. The partnership aims to create affordable, midsize passenger vehicles that will achieve 80 mi per gallon (three times greater than the average achieved in 1994) or better, and reduce air pollution (El-Messidi, Automobile Industry)". This goal set by Bill Clinton set the tone for new technologies. An array of new technology is coming into the playing field in attempt to satisfy the consumer and Bill Clintons goal. There are three new types of fuel-efficient cars, but all with advantages and drawbacks. The first of the three new technologies is the hybrid car. The hybrid car uses both fuel and electricity. It has an electric motor plus a small auxiliary fuel driven engine (Berger 295). The gas engine continually recharges the electric motor so there is no need for a huge battery like in an electric vehicle.

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