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Pros And Cons Of Japanese Camps

            During the years of the war in World War II, hundreds of thousands of Japanese-Americans were forced to relocate into Japanese-American relocation camps which had both pro and con arguments. Although the text's authors" considered the camps "unnecessary and unfair", this was an opinion that differed by the individual. In the case of the relocation camps, they regulated Japanese-American activity while stealing away from them their rights to live and their granted freedom.
             As I mentioned, there were many pros to the Japanese-American relocation camps during World War II, and although one may agree that the relocation camps were a harsh gesture, they proved to have valid reason. One of these reasons being that in time of war, any type of sabotage, little or big, could be greatly consequential and destructive. Many officials feared that Japanese-Americans would relay information back to their ancestral home, Japan, and thus cause a calamity. In this case, the relocation camps seemed to be an excellent idea as it would limit Japanese activity, thus disabling them of contacting their ancestral Japan, and preventing any type of sabotage. In a time of war, this seemed necessary and crucial to the well being of America on the whole, even though it meant sacrificing some of its own men, women, and children.
             On the other hand, many arguments for the con side of the Japanese-American relocation camps existed. For one, they were . Like all citizens, the Japanese American citizens also had a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Throughout history, thousands of men, women, and children had fled their homeland in search of a better life and a better way of life. The Japanese, alike, were no different, as they also fled their motherland in hopes of something better; only to find bitterness and hatred from the country they now called home.

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