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Russain Currency Crash In August 1997

             A country framework should yield results useful for investment planning, policy choice, and financial reimbursement where appropriate. This framework does not explicitly cover longer term and global level assessments, although one could use an essentially similar framework for those as well. It is compatible with many different specific methods. The reason for preserving this flexibility is that there are many methods, reflecting somewhat different traditions in modeling and country expertise, and each of these may have its own field of appropriate use. In the following paper, I will describe the state of the Russian economy, how it got there, prospects for the future and recommendations regarding impact on U.S. investors. .
             The National analysis Today A World Bank report on the Russian Federation states that despite the promise and optimism with which the USSR was greeted, the economic transition has not always sustained that optimism. According to the report, Russia still lacks the economic basis to sustain its growth. The recent uncertainty in the Russian economy only underlines the weakness of this emerging economy. .
             Reasons for Current Economy With the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, and the end of the Cold War, the West was eager to support Russia and all of the former Eastern Block countries in the transition to Capitalism and democracy. In the article "Money can't buy me love" in The Economist, Washington based Russia-watcher David Satter, states that the West had a dream of "a strong, friendly Russian government shouldering its shares of the world's problems". The West supported democrats and reformers in the hope that their ideas would influence their country. In addition, Russia has been the recipient of large amounts of financial aid and loans from the World Bank, the IMF, and various Western governments. According to their respective web sites, since 1992 the World Bank has approved more than $11.

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