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Saint Augustine

             In the beginning of the book Saint Augustine is very young, ignorant, and very sinful in many ways. His head is full of thoughts in which he does not know what to follow. He is very confused on which path his life should take and where he is headed. He mentions and talks of the Lord and of many things that he thinks may be right, but is very unsure of what to follow. He journeys from Northern Africa to Northern Italy and in his journey not only does he gain knowledge of the Lord and his beliefs, but he also gains knowledge of himself and who he truly is. In the beginning of the book he asks many questions because he is searching for himself. This is what his journey is all about, finding his own answers.
             Starting at an age of 16, Augustine has many sins. He, like any other child, does many wrong things and has bad behavior. But different to many children Augustine begins to learn and realize at a very young age the difference between right and wrong and what he should or shouldn't be doing. This is where Augustine's journey initially begins, as a young child searching for right and wrong answers. This is where his physical and spiritual journey begins. In Book II Saint Augustine writes .
             "I was unable to distinguish between the clear calm of love and the swirling mist of lust".
             This is one of his many examples of frustration and confusion at a very young and early age of his journey. This passage goes on to explain how the Lord knew exactly of the situation but kept quiet because of Augustine's need to learn on his own through trial and error and his own experiences. .
             " . . . I was storm-tossed by a confused mixture of the two and, in my weak unstable age, swept over the precipices of desire and thrust into the whirlpools of vice. Your wrath had gathered above me and I was not aware of it. I had grown death through the clanking of the chain of my mortality. This was your punishment for my soul's pride.

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