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            Sanctions are an important topic in the world today, especially with U. Sanctions put pressure on countries to change something they are doing wrong such as nuclear arms or human rights violations. Sanctions may sound like a great tool to use, but many things need to be changed with sanctions. Sanctions are important to every person in this country because they can affect our jobs and can lead to war with other countries. In this paper I will give an overview on issues dealing with sanctions and what needs to be done. .
             According to Dictionary.com the term sanction means, a penalty, specified or in the form or moral pressure, that acts to ensure compliance or conformity. To this day no country has imposed more sanctions than the United Stares. During the last one hundred years the U.S. has imposed sanctions more than 110 times. The idea of sanctions was sparked by Woodrow Wilson when he said, "A nation boycotted is a nation that is in sight of surrender, apply this economic, peaceful, silent, deadly remedy and there will be no need for force."" (Hufbauer Page 79).
             Economic Sanctions entail the denial of customary export, import or financial relations with a target country. The country issuing the sanction hopes to get the violating country to change the countries laws or policies. Some examples of this would be when the United States blocked World Bank loans from India/Pakistan because they had nuclear weapons. In order to get the sanctions dropped, Indian and Pakistan would have to show that they are nuclear-free. .
             Politics play a critical role in issuing sanctions against countries. If we don't like what a country is doing or want them to do something we can issue a sanction against that country. The government decides whether or not a country should be sanctioned and decides whether or not to stop a sanction.
             The United States government currently has 26 sanctions covering target countries and this accounts for half the world's population.

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