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School Shootings

            Today, millions of kids will go to school. It is supposedly the safest place our kids can go. But not all of them alawys come back home. Generation Y has learned some very hard lessons, but school shootings are by far the harshest lesson we have all learned. There are so many causes and so many factors that we don't know which ones to point to. Is it videogames? Guns in the home? Lack of discipline? Who knows? I don't know the whole answer, but I have a pretty good idea.
             First off, let's start out with a little environmental psychology. Now, let's say that at your job, you went every day, pulled your weight, and came home. Now, what if you didn't get paid for that job? What if the things that the job brought you weren't readily apparent? What if you hated your job, but you were legally required to go to it? What if your job not only made you work there, but then sent work home for you to do, and if you didn't do it, you were in big trouble? What if there were guys that hung around the water-cooler that were totally immature, humiliated people that were different, and the boss didn't do a thing about it? What if those guys could insult you, push you against your cubicle, and people actually liked them for it? Sounds like a terrible job, right? Well, welcome to high-school.
             On the news we consult all these 'experts' about why kids would want to do such a thing. Do you think those 'experts' know what it's like to be in that situation? I think the real experts are the kids themselves. Ask a kid why someone would want to come to school with a gun. The ones that pick on others would have no idea, of course, but the ones that get picked on will all give you the same answer. .
             When was the last time someone physically assaulted you? Probably a long time ago, if ever. When was the last time someone said something cruel and humiliating to you and everyone in the room laughed at you? Probably not since high-school.

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