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School Uniforms Vs. Traditional School Wear

            In the local school system where my children attend school, traditional every day wear is the daily dress code. Children are given too many options in what they are allowed to wear and are too hung up on what the latest fad or trends might be. I feel like this is a lot of the reason that children cannot concentrate on what is important and that is education. If school uniforms were to be introduced, it would also help eliminate most of the burdens that are put on parents to try and provide the very best so that their children might not be ridiculed daily on the appearance of their no name brand clothing. Children should be able to show other people who they are by what they think and what they are willing to learn and not what they are dressed in.
             The traditional every day wear that is worn in my local school system creates stereotypes for children with many different backgrounds. If one child is wearing Tommy Hilfiger and another is wearing the Walmart brand you, can believe that the one wearing the Walmart brand will be looked at as less worthy by the other children. When children dress in baggy pants to their knees and an un-tucked shirt versus a child with slacks and a sweater, the child with the baggy pants and un-tucked shirt is assumed to be a troublemaker. We all like to say that this is not the way the real world works, but we tell people that the first impression is the most important, and in high school, this is the way the world works. This could be avoided with one school rule. Make school uniforms mandatory. .
             By making school uniforms mandatory it brings the children to a level playing ground so they can concentrate on their education. If the children are all basically dressed the same, that may help to eliminate peer pressure. Peer pressure is one of the things that lead children to not care about education but care more about what the other children think about them and what they own.

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