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Guerrilla Marketing Weapons

             The book I have chosen to summarize is "Guerrilla Marketing Weapons-, written by Jay Conrad Levinson and published by Penguin Group. This book targets prospective and existing small businesses, although, larger businesses could pick-up many commonly overlooked marketing weapons that Levinson sites. The information within it outlines 100 affordable marketing methods for maximizing profits, 50 of these methods costs no money (or very little) to implement. .
             The book begins with important points for a start-up company identifying typical "textbook- marketing concepts. Other than the typical, I found a few key items interesting. 1) Customer perception is a driving force for anyone to buy from you. This starts with name, logo, theme, business cards, order forms, quality, location, décor, attire and attitude. Clearly convey your identity through words, colors and designs that inspire confidence. Differentiate yourself from your competitors. 2) Take advantage of research studies for determining your market. Don't reinvent the wheel or spend a lot of money. There is lots of free information if you know where to look, for example; Internet, public libraries, local chamber of commerce, associations in your industry or a reputable research organization. 3) A customer mailing list of people who have done business with you is one of the most valuable weapons you can accumulate, as it gets larger over time. Savvy marketers spend 60% if their time talking to satisfied customers. I can personally vouch for this one; customers are easier to sell to if they have bought from you before.
             Another section of the book I felt was very important revolves around attitudes-mindsets. Levinson states, "attitudes will win the game or lose it-. I believe this to be very true because you market your business through your actions. Here are a few points that really stood out. 1) The way your customers are treated when the phone is answered is a powerful influence on how well your company makes money.

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