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Ship Of Theseus

             The problem to be addressed in this paper deals with the Ship of Theseus, and the .
             problem can be summarized as follows: .
             1.) A ship sailing around the world replaces its parts until no original parts remain. .
             2.) Someone then reassembles all of the original parts. .
             3.) Which ship is the "original" ship?.
             The problem itself is paradoxical in nature and it would be foolish to assert that a definitive .
             conclusion to this problem exists. Problems like this are assigned by teachers so that they may .
             assess a students ability to present a clear and concise argument, regardless of what their .
             conclusion is. It is at this point that I will state that this paper contains no definitive conclusion to .
             this problem. The problem, as it has been laid out, is lacking what I consider to be very pertinent .
             information. While mulling possible outcomes to this problem, I found myself asking two very .
             important questions. Try as I might, without the answers to these questions, I was unable to reach.
             a proper conclusion to this problem. In actuality, even with the answers to these questions, I still .
             would not be able to give a definitive answer to this problem. So instead of presenting to you .
             why I believe one ship to be more "original" than the other, I will show how the perception .
             of your ideas and of your senses cannot be trusted to come to a conclusion.
             II.) Are the Captain and his crew considered parts?.
             While trying to ascertain an answer to the stated problem, I found myself repeatedly .
             asking myself this question. At first I was not exactly sure why I though that this question was .
             relevant. After some further pondering, I started to see a pattern emerge throughout all of the .
             comparisons I came up with. The best of these examples involved some relatives of mine that .
             had completely renovated the house they lived in. I cannot be exactly sure that every piece of .
             the house had been replaced, but enough of it was, that one would be hard pressed to find any .

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