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Slave Reparations

             The issue of slave reparations has been a controversial topic for U. Some believe the subject should be dropped all together, while others feel slaves should receive some sort of reparations for their treatment in slavery. People should not oppose paying African Americans for what happened and continues to happen to them in this country (www.hiphoptheory.net). African Americans have been discriminated against since this country began importing Blacks from Africa in the slave trade. Slavery caused many hardships for African Americans. They were wrongfully worked, tortured, humiliated, and seen as just property. It only makes sense that Blacks in this country should receive reparations (www.hiphoptheory.net). .
             For roughly two hundred years the United States has had free menial labor in the form of slaves (www.hiphoptheory.net). An estimated thirty to sixty million African men, women, and children were forcibly taken from their African homelands and brought here to the United States and enslaved (www.academic.udayton.edu). Slaves performed hard strenuous work and received no compensation for it. If a white person would have done this work they would have gotten paid, but since the slaves were black, they received nothing. Slavery was at the center of American life. Slaves were looked at as property and not human beings. They were discriminated against everywhere that they went. African Americans were given no opportunities to escape slavery. They were rarely educated or taught ways to rise over the slave system. Slaves were supposedly freed after the Civil War, but even after the Civil War they still faced the same problems. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney of the Fourth U.S. Congressional District of Georgia states, "The end of the civil war merely ushered in yet another chapter in the long book of black marginalization in the United States that is still being written today (www.

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