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Sibling Of Autistic Child

             I interviewed my nine year old son who is the younger sibling of a high functioning eleven year old, also my son, with Asperger's Syndrome and a touch of Autism. .
             Subject Being Interviewed: .
             Nicky Fasulo, age 9. His older brother, Marc Fasulo, was diagnosed in kindergarten as mildly retarded and moderately autistic. This label was updated in third grade to Asperger's Syndrome. Most people who meet Marc and work with him believe that he still has a touch of autism mixed in with his Asperger tendencies.
             The Interview:.
             Q: Do you know what autism means? Asperger's Syndrome?.
             A: It is hard to explain but, you have problems with thinking stuff through and need lots of space. Sometimes kids like this can't talk or eat. My brother can talk but, he needs a special class at school to help him and he sometimes can't get all of his word out so easily. His brain has trouble thinking and he gets really mad when that happens.
             Q. How different do you think it is having an older brother who has such a disability like this?.
             A: It is harder for me having a brother with this kind of disability. I can't just play with him like a normal kid most of the time. I always have to worry if he is having a bad day and if he will get mad at me for no reason. Sometimes he won't play with me the right way and I get mad at him.
             Q: Do you understand why your brother Marc is different?.
             A: Yes, he was born that way.
             Q: Do you think Marc is smart?.
             A: Yeah and he is lucky because he is able to talk and stuff. A lot of kids with autism are not as smart as him and can't talk at all. My brother is good at video games too and wins a lot.
             Q: What is your favorite thing about Marc?.
             A: He is nice to me a lot and is a good person. I also like watching him beat up all the bad guys and the bosses on the Gamecube games and the Playstaion 2 games. He is the master at playing video games.
             Q: What is your most un-favorite thing about Marc?.

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