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Lord Brian Darcy

             There has been some very strange things going on around here ever since Ursula Kemp has been harassing us and I can't speak for the jury members, but I am pretty sure that you, as well as I want to put an end to this witchcraft. There is a simple explanation for the events which have been occurring. That simple explanation is witchcraft and the use of imps. We must put an end to this evil sorcery and free ourselves from further troubles. If we don't act now we could be endangering ourselves and society as a whole. Having witches around casting their imps upon people only to get revenge just cannot be tolerated. We need to act now and be rid ourselves of any unhealthy activity caused by Ursula Kemp. We cannot keep endangering ourselves and our children by having this evil creature lurk among us. It would be in our best interest to take Ursula out of society by executing her. We can no longer be pushed around. We must do something to put an end to this witchcraft and we can start by convicting and executing Ursula Kemp. We have been through some recent troubles but believe me once Ursula is executed our lives will be a lot easier. We will no longer have forces working against us, such as Ursula's spirits. Once these spirits are gone we won't even believe how much easier things will be. For one thing we won't have to be wasting our valuable time analyzing the acts of a witch and giving them a fair trial when a fair trial is not deserved. We need to make an example of Ursula for our children. If we let Ursula the witch walk free people will start to think she is powerful and strong and maybe they should follow in her ways. We cannot have this person among us destroying our religious views. She is the opposite of what our churches teach us. Ursula can be seen as a prophet of Satan carrying out his tasks. If we keep Ursula Kemp around she will ruin us by making witchcraft appealing and after she achieves that her ways will spread.

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