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Similarties Of The Epic Of Gilgamesh And Noah And The Flood

            Isn't it ironic how from two completely different origins The Story of the Flood, from the Epic of Gilgamesh, and Noah and the Flood, from Genesis (Hebrew Bible), are stories that come together resulting in the same over-all characteristics? Through obvious analyzation and comparison, it's clear that these remarkable stories do not contrast. Rather, they are similar. These stories speak of ultimate forces destroying evil, people, to eliminate the negative world and preserving the few righteous people left on earth. Both these stories flood the earth exterminating devious beings, building massive boats to save good men, women, children, and animals, and consist of large arcs that landed on the summit of a mountain from which men and animals repopulated earth starting again new, with only good inhabitants. The words of these stories, which come from opposite origins share evidence that there is truth behind them.
             "The uproar of mankind is intolerable- exclaimed Gods of the Greek, " how great was the wickedness on earth, and how every plan devised by his mind was nothing but evil all the time," agreed God, of the Hebrews. Furious with the mannerism and contempt of the people, the Greek and Hebrew Gods felt a strong need to annihilate life on earth to bring back peace which had gradually became a place of vulgarity and brewed evil implications on earth. The Greek and Hebrew higher powers were angered and in an attempt to save what was good on earth, Ea, God of Wisdom (Greek), and the Hebrew God communicated to the mortals, Gilgamesh and Noah, a plan to restore their righteous ways and escape what was to be a great flood. .
             This plan whether whispered in a Greek dream, or spoken directly to in Hebrew, provided instructions. These instructions given to Gilgamesh and Noah are identical. They were warned of the end of mankind and told, " make yourself an arc and you shall enter the arc, with your sons, you wife, and your sons" wives.

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