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Simple As Black And White

             The Black Image in the White Mind: Media and Race in America B Robert M.
             "Television ads now show many Blacks and eschew stereotypes. However, hidden patterns of differentiation and distance emerge on close analysis. Not surprisingly, for instance, Blacks do not touch Whites in the ads, but (unlike Whites) they rarely even touch each other, - "blacks appear in more commercials, but only for less-expensive products). Using nuanced measurements and arguments, -.
             The main point in my paper is how the media manupulate our attitude about racial issues. How we view our own race identity and look at other races. This litte part in the book couht my attentnion If indeed this is a legit observation,What is does something like this convey to the audience?.
             Black is Beautiful? The Creation of Black Womanhood Representation and Stereotyping.
             Throughout American history, images of black women have been controlled by three main stereotypes -- that of the mammy, the tragic mulatta and the jezebel or whore.
             Blacks And Whites in Magazine Advertisements. George M. Zinkhan, Keith K. Cox, and Jae W. Hong.
             Examines if any change has occurred in portraying black models in magazine ads since Tis article examines if any change has occurred in portraying black models in magazine ads since the 1950's. The study also suggests that differences, while tending to decrease, still exist in the ways the blacks and whites are portrayed in the magazine ads.
             A Portrait of an Emerging Subculture. Current Issues and Research in Advertising Helena Czepiec and J. Steven Kelly .
             I found this really intresting to read. The article examines how Hispanics are portrayed in advertising through analysis of two components. Characteristics of the models and values expressed in the ads about the character. It was kind of funny how the ads targeted at the Hispanic audience presented a totaly different view of the character as to ads targeting whites.

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