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Baxter's Snow

            Russell probably never cared so much about his looks until now, "Twelve years old, and I was so bored I was combing my hair just for the hell of it . . . I held the comb under the tap and then stared into the bathroom mirror as I raked the wave at the front of my scalp upward so that I would look casual and sharp and perfect" (Snow, 41). Russell is in a pre-adolescent period, a time where he experiences many different aspects of manhood. Snow can be looked at in life as pure, innocence, cold, fuzzy like the television reception and even dangerous. Here in Snow, Charles Baxter focuses on his intimate part of his pre-adolescents through different metaphors of snow. .
             Russell's snow is pure, innocent and cold. Russell and his brother have just decided that they are going to look at a car that a few days prior had fallen into the ice. He lies to his parents, "We"re driving to Navarre, I said. "Ben had to get his skates sharpened. My stepfather's eyebrows started to go up; exchanged a glance with my mother-the usual pantomime of skepticism." When Ben asked what Russell told their parents, he was not pleased. Obviously Russell is not conniving and manipulated as his older brother. .
             Russell's experience with girls has been slim to none. His views of dating are extremely standard. Before Russell and his brother go off to the lake, Ben goes to pick up his girlfriend Stephanie.
             "How come we"re getting her?".
             "Because she wants to see it. She's never seen a car underneath ice before. She"ll be impressed.".
             "Does she know we"re coming?".
             He gave me that look again. "What do they teach you at that school you go to? Of course she knows. We have a date.".
             "A date? It's three o" clock in the afternoon. Besides, I"m along" (Snow,43).
             Like snow, Russell shows great innocence. Through his innocence he would not take a girl out on a date in mid afternoon and have a younger brother tag along. He would rather take her out to dinner and a movie, just him and his date.

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