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So Close Yet So Far

            " Our society today is thoroughly impacted by all aspects of race, class and gender to an extent, in which it forces our society into a state of denial. Observing two very diverse social situations is the only true and proper way to understand the effect these social conditions have upon our society. Perception will provide the answers to any questions or hypotheses that may have ever been misinterpreted or unanswered. I discovered a nonconformity, which proved to be evident in an atmosphere with a predominant population of minorities, as compared to a swarmed environment of Anglo-Saxons.
             Two hours of observations summed up to develop a summary with conclusions about the percussion's of age, gender, class, and race. I figured that why stay in my hometown and research this when I can go to another township and observe there diversity. In doing this it will allow me to pay attention to certain aspects that I would most likely over look in my hometown of Union. Just because I move to a new atmosphere I am naturally more observant then I would be in my more natural surrounds. So I decieded look at the two very diverse social situations situated in the same town, the town of Carteret. Why designate city bus stops? Why not? The perfect example to generate conclusions of one portion of town contrasted to the total opposite of the first. Race, class, gender, and age all significant roles in creating the diversity between these social situations.
             The first of these two hours was disbursed in an area, which seemed to be from a rap video or even a movie with some type of hood values. This area of Carteret is know as "Chrome." It is not that you can not walk down the street without being harassed but it is not the type of street you want to be caught on with a crowd walking your way. I have my share of friends who live amongst these streets, and leave this negative impression of what they go through and experience first hand each and every week.

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