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Story Of An Hour

             "The Story of an Hour" is emphatically a coming of age anecdote, written by Kate Chopin in eighteen ninety-four. Louise Mallard is the variance protagonist of "The Story of an Hour," who is faced with her husband Richard's death, in a time when women had to have a man in their lives in order to be respected and survive. Chopin explores how Mrs. Mallard, a woman, who is married can still feel emotionally starved and caged in her role in being a devoted wife that her husband oppressed upon her.
             The title "The Story of an Hour" first of all reflects how time is an untamed animal that picks and chooses its victims. Theirs is not a way to know when and where time will strike, but when it does something that seems so horrible and awful could end up being the light at the end of the tunnel you where looking for. Also the title shows how fast life can take away everything leaving a dejected and miserable feel to it. Then in just a few hours or minutes be full of adventure, possibilities and experience ahead in the future in a very few moments. Which was what Mrs. Mallard experienced as she "shuddered that life might be long," but in on instant of a few breaths her whole outlook of life took towards more enthusiastic, exhilaration and pleasure full experience (19).
             Also, through out the story Chopin points out that there was some possible abuse with the disposition. Although it isn't for sure what kind of abuse, the way Chopin handles Mrs. Mallard's character it hints to more as of a poignant exploitation of the temperament. As with the phrase "the face the never looked save with love upon her," Chopin starts to get little more descriptive of how Mrs. Mallard felt in her husbands care (13). In turn that also brings up the fact that what looks bravura on the outside could very will be someone's hell that is tormenting him or her on the inside with everyday the passes by. .
             "The Story of an Hour" also brings another premise to the scene, with how humans attempt to control one another to there own resolution.

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