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Restoration Theatre

            Drama seeks to convey a representation of life. During the Restoration period, society influenced the plot and the characters of the Restoration Theatre. Restoration Theatre was a drama or a comedy performance that contained heroic tragedy and tears (rather tragic pity), or humour, wittiness and upper-class. Moreover, Restoration Theatre allowed females to act on stage for the first time and it was the first indoor theatre of the century. .
             Restoration comedy began in 1660 in England. Some of the Restoration Theatre characterisation consisted of a witty dialogue, honour that comes from reputation, virtue in cuckolding a husband or catching a lover without getting caught, and sexual behaviour of an artificial society. .
             In 1660, two major theatre companies were allowed royal patents to perform. One of the companies was known as the Duke's Royal Company', which was headed by Davenant, while the other was granted to the King's Company', which was headed by Killigrew3. .
             Moreover, both the Duke's Royal Company and the King's Company merged and formed the United Company in 1682, which lasted for 12 years due to poor management. .
             A good actor in the Restoration period had to have a retentive memory, physical stamina and finally, a thorough knowledge of the behaviour patterns of the Restoration stage. .
             The types of male characters in Comedies were the male lead, his friend, the would-be friend, the heavy father, the dolt or gull, the trickster, the foolish servant, the lawyer/ parson/or doctor, the hypocrite, the bully and the discontented husband. Whereas the female parts were shorter and contained the romantic lead, her friend, the scheming maid, the heavy mother or the strict governess, the mistress, the cast mistress, the whore, the amorous, the ingénue and finally, the abused wife. .
             Restoration Theatre was the first theatre to accept female actors to act on stage. However, it was only the middle class women who could act.

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