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            Imagine you're standing atop a high bridge, you take a deep breath, say one .
             last silent goodbye to your friends and family, and you leap to your death. .
             By doing this, you're making a permanent solution to a temporary problem. .
             You may be solving your own personal problem, but imagine the pain, suffering, .
             and anguish that your friends, family, and peers go through. The people .
             around you are wondering what was going through your mind and why .
             you did it. Maybe you even told some of your friends that you were .
             going to do it, and they didn't believe you, thinking it were a joke. .
             You may have told your friends about your plans, but apparently .
             your parents had no clue as to why you would choose to take .
             your life, but this is the case with most teenage suicides. .
             A lot of the time the parents don't have any clue that .
             there was anything wrong in their children's lives, and also the .
             teen's friends might have had some kind of clue, but they didn't .
             do anything about it. Overall, they are left grieving their dead .
             child or friend who took their own life away without any explanation. .
             Sadly, teen suicide occurs nearly 5,000 times each year. Even more .
             amazing is that 400,000 to 2 million teens attempt to commit suicide .
             each year. Psychologists and therapists, teachers and school couslers, .
             leaders of youth groups, and researchers who study society and young .
             people have come up with a list of reasons as to why the teen decided to .
             kill themselves. The list of culprits is long: too much divorce, too little .
             religion, too much television, and too little communication between parents .
             and children have been blamed. Absent parents, too much sexual freedom, .
             widespread use of drugs and alcohol, too many guns, not enough love, and .
             a world that seems hostile has also been blamed for pushing young people .
             to their deaths. All these reasons have probably contributed to the suicides .
             of teens, but none of them provide the final explanation as to what pushes .

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