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             What's the point of living? Nobody understands me."" These are the some of the thoughts that go on in the mind of those who take part in suicidal behaviors. One of the top ten reasons for death in the U.S. is suicide. Ronald Comer, author of Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, describes suicide as a self-inflicted death in which one makes an intentional, direct and conscious effort to end one's life. Without the help of parasuicides, or people who have attempted suicide but didn't receive their expected result of death, researchers wouldn't have any basis for their research. Why is this? For the obvious reason, that some are successful in their intent to end their life. Some researchers have found it quite helpful to study the life of the individual and form an education opinion on the reason of the death. From research done on parasuicidals, it can be said that suicidal behaviors come from: feelings of hopelessness, depression, lack of coping skills, history of attempts, attraction to death, emotional turmoil, and distorted views of life. .
             There are several attempted explanations of suicide. They are the psychodynamic, sociocultural, and biological perspectives. The psychodynamic view says that it results from depression and from anger at other and it was redirected toward oneself (Comer, 1999). They also believe that suicide is an extreme expression of self-hatred. A significant loss or separation may cause individuals to mold loss into one's identity and eventually become, act and treat themselves as that entity. Freud believes that suicidal individuals are caught in a web of self-anger (Comer 1999). Freud's views may not be very valid, yet believable for the fact that even he didn't was dissatisfied with his theory. The sociocultural view believes that societal factors play a major role in suicidal behavior. The sociocultural mainly complies with the Emile Durkheim's theory that the probability of one's suicide, depends on how attached one is to family, religion and the community.

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