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            The real television series Survivor has been located at these five different locations, Marquesas, The Australian Outback, Pulau Tiga, Africa, and Thailand. The object of the game is to be the last one surviving at the end of thirty nine days. The reward to the sole survivor is one million dollars, there is also a reward for the first runner up, it is one hundred thousand dollars. Here's how the game is played, sixteen well chosen men and women are divided into two tribes of eight people and are taken to some uninhabited place, where they will have to make or locate shelter, find a food source, water source, and establish relationships with people they don't know. The first thing done is to make or seek shelter, then some of the tribe members set out for food while others find water, also someone tries to get a fire going. Tribe members will start to make friends and will also start alliances with certain tribe members; this will help them when it comes time to go to tribal council. When you have alliances then you have the strength and power to vote other members off the island and more chance of not getting voted off your self. However they have to be careful who they trust, some of the tribe members will play both sides of the fence and lie to one another to make some of the other tribe members think that they are behind then one hundred percent, when really their not. They are only watching out for them self's and are only behind who ever has the most power at the time. I can see how this relates to the real world; lots of big businesses and corporations are like this in my opinion. Their just really sneaky about it and in survivor it is to be expected because that's how you play the game. There are special challenges the tribes compete in, one of them is an award challenge. This is when the two tribes compete against each other for a reward, such as food items, work tools, special get a ways, new car's, massages, visit's with family members, and even people who are native to the area, to help them cook and teach them how to live of the land better.

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