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Structural Adjustment Policies In Urban Turkey

             Especially in the last decade a vast number of publications were done on the subject of increasing dependence in the world; changing the name from globalization to mc-donaldization, new-colonization or financial integration. However, whichever term is used, there is a social fact, by which the local markets in the world are integrating to one single capitalist market. The most crucial actors ruling this change are IMF (International Money Found) and WB (World Bank) .
             After 1970's these international institutions embarked on giving long-term credits to create the required integration. The countries in debt crises mainly used these credits, with the condition that they would carry out packet programs, which is called as stability or with more popular terms; structural adjustment. Where as the Neo-Marxist schools regard this main trend as neo-colonialism, the Neo-Liberalists take it granted for the improvement of capitalist production and wealth accumulation. The main motive of these almost unchanging programs is the reduction of state expenditures and dis-solvement of state enterprises for the creation of independent market. Beside the reduction of costs, the structural adjustment programs try to create new sources for the economy with the decrease in imports and increase in the exports, which provides a real trade surplus and which is crucial for enabling the country for loan repayments. In order to create this surplus, IMF offers a reduction in the value of local money, which enables the export to climb. However, a decrease in the value also results a relative increase in the prices of imported products and creates a deprivation among the population. Moreover, one of the key strategies of IMF for coping with the inflation is reduction of consumption. For the sake of this, IMF offers introduction of new taxes added on the products. (KDV is one of the best examples) Since these new taxes are not depending on the income levels, most of this new financial burden is burned by the lower strata of the society.

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