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Decline of An Empire: Post WWII Britain

             The end of World War II brought about the erasure of Great Britain as a super power. The ravaged economy left Britain nearly bankrupt and caused enormous social change. Not only were there problems on the motherland, but Britain's economical position left it unable to control the vast empire it held around the world. Thus the collapse of power for the British commenced.
             After the war, the former Prime Minister of Britain, Winston Churchill, was voted out of office. The people believed the change they sought could be accomplished by voting in the Labour Government. Clement Atlee came to power in 1945 with many hopes for brightening Britain's future. His most important aim was to reform Britain's economy and therefore improve the social conditions. Labour was a Socialist form of government in that it hoped to aid all citizens, with ideas including free healthcare and more jobs, no matter what class. These had long since been Labour's aims, but Atlee had reformed them for his 1945 program. He believed that "everything would fall into place, with a government led economy;" it would strengthen so producing jobs and improving social conditions. .
             "This first year in parliament was a great one for Labour, promising a bright future." All early policies had been carried out and the public felt that Labour were trustworthy and delivering their promises. The conservatives offered Labour a coalition government before the election; Labour turned this down and ran a successful campaign, making them appear strong and capable. .
             The Labour government started the groundwork for the release of their land outside the motherland starting with India. They realized the difficulty and expense involved in keeping the Indians at bay as they were anxious for an India run by Indians. After long non-violent protests led by Mahatma Gandhi, an agreement was reached and India was set apart from the British Empire.

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