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Teen Drug Use

             People who use drugs usually say they feel great at first and that drugs are the best thing that ever happened to them but that doesn't last long. Over time, they'll need more and more to get the same high and this really increases the risk of addiction, and in some cases, overdose. And even if they never O.D., drugs can ruin their health, force them to drop out of school, lose friends, and impair their judgment enough that they'll do some really stupid stuff. Drug users do things they wouldn't do while sober they engage in unsafe sex or put other people's lives at risk on the road. Sure, this might all seem fun for them while they're doing it but are they going to be laughing through an unwanted pregnancy, a car accident, or during the wait for results from an AIDS test? .
             Need more proof? Drug abusers can develop psychological problems such as suicidal depression or serious physical problems such as liver damage and brain damage. Of course, there's also the risk of death from an overdose. (www.drugfreeamerica.org) .
             With all this in mind, and all the education programs such as dare, and all the research and information available, everyday a new kid begins using drugs for the first time. These children came from all backgrounds, all economical statuses, all races, many armed with all the knowledge possible, and still they decide for one reason or another to start taking drugs. .
             Why do youths engage in an activity that is sure to bring them overwhelming problems It is hard to imagine that even the youngest drug users are unaware of the problems associated with substance abuse. Although it is easy to understand dealers' desires for quick profits, how can we explain users' disregard for long- and short-term consequences.
             One theory as to why youths use drugs is social disorganization. Social disorganization is neighborhoods or areas marked by culture conflict, lack of cohesiveness, a transient population, and insufficient social organizations.

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