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The Bond Epic

            lan Fleming, a well know writer for the better part of the twentieth century, became very popular after writing twelve novels which eventually helped spawn 20 movies about a British secret agent. Fleming came up with the name, James Bond AKA 007, for the secret agent, which he took from the cover of an ornithology book that he happened to be skimming through one day. The name sounded perfect for the character and he decided to go with it. Galloway states, "The 007 franchise has survived 4O years thanks to consistent creativity, savvy marketing, and the occasional lawsuit."" (par. 1). Over those past forty years Fleming's idea for James Bond, which has become a major franchise, has grossed billions of dollars and is still raking in more money everyday. The character of James Bond has been played by five different actors, which have ranged from Sean Connery to Pierce Brosnan, each giving their own little twist of style to the character. The series becomes more and more popular as each film is released and has a growing fan base composed of people of all ages, all over the world.
             James Bond is a legendary role that every actor would want to play. James is a spy who works for the British Secret Service. He travels the world in luxury, drinking his vodka martinis, shaken not stirred, driving every sports car one could imagine, from the Aston Martin DB5 in Goldfinger to the BMW Z3 in Goldeneye. He also woos every beautiful woman in sight especially the female villains who always happen to turn good from his romantic touch. He also receives a substantial amount of funding to back up his most expensive tastes and to help him fit in with the evil masterminds who plan to take over the world. Any man would love to be in his shoes, who would blame them? .
             The first Bond happened to be Sean Connery, although Roger Moore, a future Bond, was a close secound for the part, Connery would go on to make six of the 20 MGM films.

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