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The Bad Affects Of Steroids

            Body Building Supplements are a must for serious and novice competetors.
             Supplements are an addition or completion of an object. So in bodybuilding athelets use .
             supplements to complete or add on to the body's natural performance. There are two types .
             of supplements in the bodybuilding worls: The detramental and advantageouse .
             The detramental supplements are the ones that useally do more harm than good. .
             Some types of detramental supplements are Steroids. Steroids are synthetic variations of .
             the male sex horomone, testosterone (Silverstien 17-18). They are also a wide variety of .
             over-the-counter (OTC) supplements.
             The effects of detramental supplements to the body such as steroids. Steroids have .
             a list of some harmful effects of steroid use like, Heart Disease, Liver Cancer, Kidney .
             Failure, Acne, and Ulcers. Athelets also can abotain HIV from the shared needles (Patton .
             6). Creatine also has some severe side effects. A few are Liver Inflamation, Muscle .
             cramping, and head aches (Patton 6). Creatine " in certain stressful or hot conditions .
             because of there ability to mask fatigue, thus allowing the athelete to push him or her .
             beyond normal danger points" says Julion Bales (qtd in Wallace 19). These are the most .
             common reasons why people take steroids. They aren't willing to invest the time, .
             discipline, or commitment to explore every conceivable routine that could work for them. .
             Some say they have little concern for the future of their health (Wolff 219).
             Although Creatine is harmful for the body. They are not illegal. Steroids .
             on the other hand are extremley illegal. In the late 1980's people started to make laws .
             against Steroids. In 1988 when The Omnibus anti-Substance Abuse act went into affect, .
             the Act stated that the distrabution or possesion with intent to sell was a felony .
             punishable by three years in prison (Silverstein 54). In 1991 The Anabolic Steroids .
             Control act of 1990 took affect witch made twenty seven Anabolic Steroids substances .

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