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The Bubonic Plague

             The bubonic plague is an infection in humans and several species of rodents.
             caused by Yersinia pestis which used to be known as Pasteurella. Yersinia pestis is a.
             bacteria that is transmitted by fleas that have feed on the blood of infected humans and.
             rodents. The plague bacteria, when ingested, multiply in the fleas digestive tract. It.
             multiplies until it eventually obstructs the digestive tract. Then when the flea feeds next,.
             it causes the fleas freshly ingested blood to be regurgitated into the flea bite. Then the.
             circulatory system, of person with the regurgitated blood, carries the bacteria throughout.
             the body.
             The first signs of illness, in humans, appears quickly. Usually with inside a week. .
             In a few short hours the victims body temperature rises to around 40 degrees celsius or.
             104 degrees farenheit. The infected victim then becomes gravely ill. While ill the victim.
             experiances muscular pain, mental disorganization, vomiting, and a state of mental.
             confusion and fluctuating consciousness resulting from the high fever. The lymph nodes.
             in the whole body, but especially in the groin and thighs become enlarged and painful. .
             The enflamed lymph nodes, called buboes, become engourged with pus and the disease.
             spreads throughout the body via the infected bloodstream and lymphatic system. In.
             between 60 and nnety percent of untreated cases, the vitim dies in a few days.
             The best and most effective way to prevent out breaks, of the bubonic plague.
             is to eliminate the rodent and flea populations usuing proper sanitation. This can be done.
             with the right, safe, rodentcides and insectisides. The bubonic plague is vulnerable to the.
             antibiotic, streptomycin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol. The bubonic plague is only.
             suseptable to these antibiotics if treated withing the first fifteen hours.

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