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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

            The Deletrious Effects Of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
             This essay will consider information about fetal alcohol syndrome and it's.
             deleterious effects on the unborn fetus and the repercussions that follow after.
             birth and through life. In my opinion alcohol is responsible for the detrimental.
             effects on the innocent, unwilling participants of alcohol abuse through their .
             mother's inability to cope with life's hardships or the inability of understanding the.
             spectrum of affects alcohol can cause on the unborn baby. This essay will show .
             that mother's who drink alcohol, no matter what the quantity, will have a severe .
             impact on her offspring's mental, physical and psychological capabilities .
             commencing in the womb, to birth and through his or her existence. This essay .
             will examine three main topics of discussion. First it will show what fetal alcohol .
             syndrome is and how it affects the prenatal world. Secondly, it will show how it .
             affects the fetus when exposed to alcohol at all stages of life. Finally, it will show .
             the statistics of fetal alcohol syndrome on youths.
             "Fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), fetal alcohol effects (FAE), alcohol-related.
             neurodevelopment disorder (ARND), alcohol related birth defects (ARBD) and.
             alcohol-exposed static encephalopathy (SE) are all terms for the defect which.
             occurs to a child when his or her mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy.
             (Streissguth, 5)". It causes a birth defect that targets the brain from the .
             pre-embryonic stage, to the fetal stage and has lifelong consequences. Some of .
             the most crippling secondary disabilities that people with FAS/FAE face include .
             mental health problems, disrupted school experience, inappropriate sexual .
             behavior, trouble with the law, alcohol and drug problems, difficulty caring for .
             their children, and homelessness. "It is estimated that one in every ten children .
             born have some form of this disorder which can result in mild learning disabilities .

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