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The Crucible Jhon Proctor : A Tragic Hero

             A tragic hero in literature stands up for a belief, yet has a tragic flaw or final downfall. In Arthur Miller's drama, The Crucible, John Proctor, the protagonist, is also a cleat example of the typical tragic hero. Arthur Miller creates a tragic hero through John Proctor's growth from his tragic flaw, to involvement in the trials, and finally to his refusal to save his life in the pursuit of truth.
             John Proctor is considered a tragic hero because of a flaw in his character and his relationships. John Proctor's relation ship with Abigail changes throughout the play. In the begging he says "Abby, I may think of you softly but I will cut of my hand before I"ll ever reach for you again." This quote sums up the feeling he has towards Abigail at the beginning of the play. By the end of the play you see that he no longer cares for Abigail, but for his wife. John Procter also suffers a flaw in his self-respect. He suffers this flaw because of his sin with Abigail. He no longer thinks of himself as a perfect person like some of the other town's people. John's relationship with his wife, Elizabeth, is similar to his one with Abby, but it progresses in the opposite manner. At the begging of the play the relationship is not a very healthy one. At the end of the play when John says " I want my life." This quote symbolizes that his relationship with Elizabeth has increased greatly.
             At first John's involvement it the trials is minimal. He tries to stay away from the court completely. But as people close to him start getting accused he becomes greatly involved with the court. This involvement is first sparked when John is told of Abby's accusations of Elizabeth. John is furious with this news. Only, to be told later that Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey are also accused. This is the last straw for John. He along with Giles Corey and Marry Warren make official doctrines. The, next day they presented them to the court to no avail.

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