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The Brother Mc Mullen

            In order to reflect on directors Edwards Burns film The Brothers McMullen one must take into account that two key elements lay the foundation for this film. These highlight nationality/Irish and religion/Catholicism. .
             The film portrays three Irish Catholic brothers living on Long Island. The Brothers McMullen touches upon many cultural/religious values that Irish people possess. A few cultural subject areas touched include religion, adultery, and abortion. The biggest issue for all three brothers Jack, Barry and Patrick is they worry over there destinies and sex lives. Jack, the oldest brother starts to think that his perfect marriage to his wife, really isn't what he wants after she tells him that she is getting older and that she wants children. He then begins a relationship with another women committing adultery. Barry the middle child lives life from the advice given to him from his mother in the opening scene of the film. She told Barry not to make the same mistake as her (marrying the "wrong" person). The youngest brother of the three Patrick the most religious of them all is afraid he's going to hell for having premarital sex. .
             In the Catholic religion divorce is considered a sin. This may be the underlying reason their mother stayed married to her abusive, alcoholic husband for thirty-five years. The mother believed that once you marry you stay married. Even though Jack committed adultery his wife stood by his side and told him that she would not divorce him. Throughout the film Jack and Patrick debate if there really is such a thing as "true love". Both the brothers are looking for that perfect someone that once they are committed they will not have to go against their faith and commit a sin. Throughout the film we see that each of the brothers forsakes their religion and try to find their own way. Jack mentions to his brother Patrick That "why should I spend all my time and waste all my faith in something that I didn't even know existed".

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