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General WW2 History Overview

            World War I began in August 1914 when forces of the Austro-Hungarian Empire invaded the tiny Balkan nation of Serbia. This then caused a widespread conflagration engaging all the major European nations. The United States originally did not want to be a part of the war and tried to stay neutral but after about three years of trying to help but not get involved with finally came to an end and in April of 1917 the United States officially entered the war. The war was great for the United States economically because it caused a great industrial boom for the United States, which then sparked the years of prosperity that would follow. It also propelled the United States into a position of international superiority. However, the in social aspects the war was a traumatic experience for American people because they were looking for social unity. The United States entering the war helped Great Britain by giving them the aid that they needed in fighting off the German submarines and making sure that their ships got safely across the Atlantic In return for this the convoys helped the united states protect there soldiers en route to Europe. Many Americans thought that providing naval assistance alone would help turn the tide of the war, but soon enough it was realized that they were going to have to send in there ground forces. The United States did not have enough standing army to provide the necessary ground forces needed. Therefore, the president decided that only a national draft would provide the needed men. The draft brought nearly 3 million men into the army and another two million men joined the army voluntarily together they became known as the American Expeditionary Force. This was the first time that any substantial number of soldiers and sailors had fought overseas for any extended period. When soldiers had time away from the front, they would explore bars and brothels of local towns.

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