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The Last Of The Mohicans Essay

            Mary AcostaPeriod 2m12-06-03The Last of the Mohicans EssayNathaniel-Romantic Hero The Last of the Mohicans, a novel and movie is a romantic piece of literature defined by several happenings throughout it. Three factors that exemplify this to be a romantic narrative include: the sense of a romantic hero because of courage and bravery, his interest in and respect for nature, and intuition over reason. All are major factors to why The Last of the Mohicans is a romantic novel and film. Nathaniel, the main character, is the hero of this romantic piece. He demonstrates all of the qualities of a romantic hero. The main character, Nathaniel or Hawkeye, shows a several of romantic heroic qualities throughout the storyline. He's depicted as a fit, young man with a strong sense of honesty. He's a brave and practical man, as he demonstrated when he rescues the women from the Indians a great deal of times. Nathaniel never ran away from these battles. He fought courageously and never let his guard down. Nathaniel was raised in the wilderness. Because he was raised in nature he had a major advantage. He knew the ways of the wilderness that any townsperson would not know. Nathaniel demonstrates his ability to maneuver and defend by rushing to other's aid without any consideration about his own safety. Once again demonstrating his braveness by protecting others without much regard for him. He survived solely because of his knowledge of the surrounding environment and the skills he had acquired in that environment. He was dependant on nature and he respected it by not using it in a careless manner. Throughout the film, nature played an immense role in the lives of the characters. The Indians, in particular, depended on nature in everything they did. They hunted and killed their own food, but did not do it for sport They hunted only for survival, self-defense or for the protection of others.

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