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The Lottery

             The story of "The Lottery" is a story that is filled with a lot of misconceptions and a misunderstood tradition. "The Lottery" is a story that takes place in a small foreign town on a warm and sunny day, you will see further down in the paper the significance of the weather. This story expresses a lot of controversial ideas and conflicts that make many people think and reevaluate their culture. It also brings us to realize that there are still many cultures that still use barbarous, ignorant, outdated traditions that have no significant meaning. The theme of "The Lottery" is focused around the relevance of some cultures and their traditions. In this story there are three main focuses that the author focuses on, they were ignorance, symbolism, and irony.
             One of the most distinct characteristics of this story is the ignorance; it is based around a very ignorant and outdated tradition. One of the more ignorant things that take place in this story is the stoning of a human for a sacrifice. The most ignorant thing in the story of "The Lottery" is the fact that they want to stop it, but they continue on to do it because of tradition. In some cases like this one tradition is not important enough to sacrifice a human life for something that has nothing to do with what it is being done for. .
             The story of the "The Lottery" contains a great deal of symbolism there are a lot of simple things in the story that mean more than they appear to. One of the most important things in the story of "The Lottery" is the box that contains all of the slips of paper for the lottery. This box represents the tradition of the lottery; there is no significant reason for using the box besides tradition. Another example of symbolism in the story of "The Lottery" is the significance of Old Man Warner. Old Man Warner represents wisdom and the tradition of the lottery. He is the only one in the town who really understands the tradition of the lottery; everyone else just does it because it is a tradition that has been going on all of their lifetime.

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